Want to fast-track your business profits?


Join one of my Business Sourcing Workshops and in just 5 days, you will discover all there is to know about sourcing direct from Bali.


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Join me in Bali for a Business Sourcing Workshop and in just 5 days you will be transformed into an international trader. We have jsut finished a very exciting tour of Bali with some very happy retailers.
Our next workshop dates will be released soon. In the mean time you can request to recieve our offer of our Bali Business guide as soon as it is available at info@divadesigns.com.au 

Bali is a smorgasbord of fabulous products - choose from:


Gifts - homewares - glassware - antiques - furniture - stone garden features - fashion - jewellery - stationary - leather goods - resort wear - swimwear... you name it, it is probably on the streets and in the warehouses of Bali

Want to get creative and produce your own designs?


No problem, the artisans of Bali can create a whole plethora of products.  Designers worldwide flock to Bali to have their originals produced here, so why not you too?

As soon as you book, your experience begins


I will send you a welcome email including-


A questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me so that Ie can start to look for possible resources and suppliers for you to consider on your arrival. 


Hotel accomodation for you to choose at the Hotel Jayakarta, a 4 start resort with beach frontage, offering a wide variety of accomodation.


This workshop will share with you my 20 years experience and fast track you to building your business skills and maximising your profits by sourcing directly from your international suppliers in only 5 days.  


These courses are very small and personalised for maximum benefit to you so don't miss out - book now! 


***What's Included***


5 days of tuition and target visits to local suppliers.

How and where to create your our own branding, packaging and printed materials.

How to ship your goods home safely and securely.

and so very much more.




Inclusion in our diva designs buying group!

Access to our additional direct product quality control shipping service

We keep looking after you after you go back to your business