Diva Designs World Jewellery by Melanie Woods has been supporting women and women's projects since the beginning of our company over 25 yers ago.


We believe that women nurture our small beginnings and in so doing create the world and the culture that we live in. Don't get us wrong, we also adore men and their contributions but from mother earth to the mothers of this earth, with love and support, we create a soft place to fall. 


  • We have supported the full circle fund in the UK that offers healing to chronically ill patients in hospitals.

  • We give ongoing Green Peace contributions.

  • We support women in our manufacturing communities.

  • We are regularly supporting small foundations by contributing jewellery and gifts for fundraising, as well as financial support. 


In the future, we plan to contribute to health and wellbeing initiatives in our local and national community.


Thankyou for supporting an Australian designer.